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Qualitative aerial photography is playing today a crucial role in construction.

The Blaskor unmanned aerial vehicle is capable to execute flight of a constructible surface according to the specified on the map coordinates and to make panoramic aerial photographs, which are necessary for further design of the cottage settlement or the entire residential district.

Serious construction companies use photographing from air at all stages of construction already for a long time. The aerial photography and video filming of object under construction allows the developer to estimate objectively completed works, to see deviations from the project and to make necessary changes in time.

Control of construction works by UAV permits to increase considerably the speed of construction and to improve the quality.

remotely piloted aircraft systems


In agriculture, aerial photography is one of the most important sources of information for proper land works.

With the aid of aerial photography, it is possible to identify the sizes of fields, a land relief, disposition and contours of lakes, rivers, and marshes located along the roads.

Besides, the unmanned aerial vehicle permits to photograph a condition of crops, its evenness and density.

remotely piloted aircraft systems

Emergencies, accidents and disasters

Unmanned aerial vehicles are capable to provide effective information support from the air at emergencies, natural and technogenic catastrophes.

UAV with vertical take-off and landing are got ready for the shortest terms (5-10 min.). It allows starting search and rescue operations and coordination of actions of land forces very quickly.

Apart from supervision and projection of video information on the control panel from a work area, UAV of helicopter type can deliver necessary lifesaving appliances, medicines, and food to remote rescue groups and victims.

Remotely piloted aircraft systems

Environmental monitoring

Due to the opening, recently, of a large number of new dangerous manufactures, and periodic accidents at the operating enterprises the ecological situation around the world is becoming worse.

Therefore, additional control of a production activity of industrial enterprises is one of the principal methods of preservation of ecobalance. Unmanned aerial vehicles are used to these purposes in many civilized countries of the world.

With the help of surveillance cameras, they are capable to show a situation in real time, transferring all information to the centres of environmental control.

Remotely piloted aircraft systems

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