Special features

The equipment for aerial photography

Obtaining high-quality aerial photographs is possible only when using very high-quality equipment for aerial photography. In practice, one can use almost any cell not exceeding the total weight of 3-4 kg. But that again is not necessary to retake images, it is desirable to choose precisely the camera that best fits the tasks.

For UAVs Blaskor has a special swing-inclined gyro stabilized suspension, which is used to attach the camera and reduce the possibility of occurrence of blurry shots. The operator on the ground can remotely control both by drones, and suspension. This opens up almost unlimited possibilities in choosing the angle and position for the aerial.

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Infrared thermal aerial photography

Thermal imaging allows you to produce high-quality aerial photography survey and analysis of objects from the air, from the ground to explore that sometimes it is simply impossible. This type of survey is used most often in the following cases:

  • Examination of surface and underground pipelines, heat pipelines, gas and oil pipelines, leak detection, integrity analysis of pipe insulation.   
  • The study of water resources in order to identify sites of industrial waste dumping.   
  • While man-made and natural disasters search and rescue operations from the air.   
  • Detection of fires in forestry.

unmanned aircraft systems - Thermal Imager

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The equipment for aerial video

Recently, significantly increased the demand for high-quality aerovideosemku since video information from the bird's-eye view gives the most complete picture of the events, unlike motion captured from the ground. Using multicopter much more favorable for aerial any currently available technical means of ground-based (lifting crane shooting and camera crane).

Due to mobility and multiple degrees of freedom multicopter able to instantly change the angle and altitude, approach to the subject and to quickly move away from him.

unmanned aircraft systems - aerial video

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Night Vision Camera

Those greenish pictures we see in the movies and on TV come from night vision goggles (NVGs) or other devices that use the same core technologies. NVGs take in small amounts of visible light, magnify it greatly, and project that on a display.

unmanned aircraft systems - Night Vision Camera

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Remote temperature measurement

Accurate temperature measurement of objects is one of the most important criteria for the diagnosis of normal operation of virtually all types of equipment. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that there are many sites where the temperature measured by contact impossible. This includes any moving objects, power lines, conductor rails, power transformers and other power equipment. For these purposes, use drone RCA Blaskor mounted with a high-precision portable infrared thermometer (pyrometer).

unmanned aircraft systems - Remote temperature measurement

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Remote measurement of radioactivity

The most important element of the protection of present and future generations from the harmful effects of a radiation safety. Today, the ionizing radiation used in industry, medicine, science, space technology, agriculture. Therefore, any use of radioactive elements should be safe. When it comes to radiation safety, first of all pay attention to the work of nuclear power plants. But it should be noted that the control of the radiation background in the territory of the NPP and in the area of ​​surveillance carried out very carefully. A special sampling techniques and dosimetry equipment is controlled by the state of the facility. All data from several stations of modern automated radiation control system is constantly fed to the control room and in the crisis center.Remote measurement of radioactivity - unmanned aircraft systems

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Remote measurement of gas content

Required gas content control is necessary to ensure safe working conditions at the enterprises of heat and water supply, near the storage of liquid chlorine and ammonia in the gas and oil pumping stations, oil and gas production, control of toxic substances in other companies from different industries. Remote measurement of gas content


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Areas of application